Knowledge & Skill Development

The programme enriches beneficiaries with knowledge and network to enhance and strengthen ICT overall efficiency, effectiveness and capabilities to champion development.

We are very sure that technology can improve productivity by enabling communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing if managers of the sites are in-house. This allows employees and stakeholders to innovate and support organizational growth strategies and development results. Also, lack of knowledge will always affect the path chosen and the speed of adoption. Making the right technology decisions requires experience, knowledge, and capacity that many NGOs do not have currently and cannot afford hiring technical experts to offer advice in terms of their ICT strategy.  Choosing the right technology can be a very important part of right and high impact advocacy and service delivery as well as other associated advantages.

It’s against this background that DEIEA build capacities of NGOs’ staffs in website management, content development, e-campaigning, and e-advocacy among others.