• DSC_0089

    Introducing Ngos And Other-Self Help Groups To.Ngo Domain

  • DSC_0323

    Deiea Building Capacities of NGO Leaders In using ICT Platform In Their Daytoday Work

  • DSC_0319

    One Of The Ngo Leaders Registering For .Ngo Domain

  • DSC_0317

    Enriching Beneficiaries With Knowledge on ICT.

  • DSC_0313

    Women Taking Lead In Ict Will Amplify Their Voices

  • DSC_0307

    Ict And Youths:With Inovation And Creativity Good Livelihood Is Guaranteed

  • DSC_0298

    Deiea Building Capacities Of NGO Leaders By Using ICT Platform In Their Daytoday Work.

  • DSC_0297

    Empowering Women To Use Ict In Business

  • DSC_0288

    Bringing Debate on Access To Internet,Costs And Connectivity To The Masses

  • DSC_0280

    Deiea showcasing the importance of ict to ngo work in one of CSO fairs in the region

  • DSC_0115

    Protect your info, have strong keys & keep them to your self,

  • DSC_0324

    Deiea Digitally Empowering CSOs in Effective Use of ICT Platforms


The eNGO is a regional intervention program working in the Eastern Africa that strives to empower civil society Organizations

The eNGO project; taking “the Civil Society” online The eNGO is a regional intervention program working in the Eastern Africa that strives to empower... Continue Reading